We hope to meet in person for our CGNA2021 conference. If that is not possible, we have backup plans for a virtual conference, so please don’t hesitate to submit your abstracts!

Our 21st Biennial Conference brings us to majestic Niagara Falls, a place known the world over for its awesomeness where people pause to marvel at its power and revel in its beauty. This sense of wonder inspired our theme and seeks to capture the energy we experience when we are present with others who share our passion for gerontological nursing. We endeavor to recreate the atmosphere of curiosity one might experience at the brink of the falls, a curiosity which seeks to collaboratively address current challenges and to inspire creative solutions. Our delegates, and the awesomeness of their enquiring minds, are poised to harness their collective wonder to make meaningful change for older adults and those who care for them.

Submit your CGNA2021 abstracts now!

The Gerontological Nursing Association Ontario and the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association invite you to submit your abstracts to CGNA2021: Harnessing the Wonder of Gerontological Nursing.

Please note, abstracts will not be accepted by email.  Please see below to download the official Call for Abstracts for information about the online submission system.

Abstracts are due by November 2, 2020!

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To submit your abstract, download the official Call for Abstracts below.  The Call for Abstracts includes instructions for preparing your abstract and it includes the link to the online submission system.

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